Free Home Schooling Program Helps to Spread Education

A free home schooling program is a process where children are educated at home rather than going to public or private school, absolutely free of cost. Compulsory school attendance began in the 19th century when education was given within the family and community.

Let us see how free home schooling program has a financial impact on families. Parents have to sacrifice their employment to supervise their child’s education at home. They feel that the biggest advantage of it is that they can spend more time with their children at home. Parents on the other hand, can save money on account of school fees, school uniform, etc.

Home school programs can be expensive but you can also develop a free home schooling program. It will be expensive if you buy the full curriculum and attend costly programs. On the other hand it can be made free by using free resources. One can take advantage of free facilities such as public libraries, art galleries, parks and gardens and huge amount of resources available on the Internet.

How the Internet Has Helped to Make it Free

The Internet has really made free home schooling program accessible to the masses. Many such schools are offering free education to the children at home without any fees. These websites are collecting donations from the rich people to continue with their cause. They are offering free school at home, first class curriculum, personalized instructions, parent involvement and flexibility.

Some of these schools also offer personalized learning plans where a blueprint for a student’s lesson for the entire year is prepared. For the entire year, the learning coach and the teacher can adjust the blueprint by identifying areas where the student is deficient or lacks conception. They also step up instructions in the areas where the student has developed interest or is doing well.

Thus we can see that the concept of home schooling was already there in the past. But it was only the Internet that made free home schooling program popular with the masses. Many websites are offering home schooling programs free of cost.

How Does the Process Work?

First, the parent has to enroll his child in the free home schooling program website. Then he can have access to the members log in area. Gradually he will be given a teacher and a coach. He can also see the curriculum after getting registered. Some websites charge fees for the tuition, but there are many which offer free programs. A survey has also shown that students who have taken free home schooling program are doing fine in life, though a section of the school teacher’s union argue this point.