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How to Acquire Christian Home Schooling Material

In the modern age of dwindling faith, Christian families naturally feel anxious to send their children to school where the child’s spiritual development is at stake. Home schooling for such families is a charming prospect. Now it is easy to reach Christian home schooling material via the Internet in order to educate your child in faith.

Using Internet for Christian Home Schooling Material

Many Internet sources provide Christian home schooling material for all ages and education levels. is a good place to start getting free Christian home schooling lessons for your kids studying at any level from preschool to twelfth grade. has a list of shopping links for buying Christian home schooling material. A large online store for the same is where books are available for different age groups of home schooling students. Classroom supplies are available as well.

Online Bible Lessons

Garden of Praise is an adorable Internet spot to start with taking free Bible lessons for home schooling. These are free-to-print lessons with clear, detailed guidelines on how to teach them to your kids. Paintings, biographies, music, and other life-topics explained from the Christian viewpoint all make it a perfect site for using as a complete Christian home schooling material.

Christian Publications

Hundreds of publications are devoted to providing quality Christian material for home education. An example is A Beka Book publications that provide more than 800 textbooks and teaching aids for nursery through grade 12. Individual items or complete parent kits can be ordered. Knowledge House is an equally useful site where choice family and devotional articles along with home school poems and humorous clips are linked for amusement alongside learning.

E-Bible Teacher is an ideal place to let your home schooling ideas come true as far as lessons in Bible are concerned. It presents free lessons, worksheets, graphics, teaching ideas for class, and Christian game boards for learning and inspiring through play. The spirit of learning through faith is accentuated with songs on Christian themes, which are listed both with lyrics and sound. Flash cards of Old and New Testament, and power point presentations on Christian teachings make it a hip source for Christian home schooling. Finally, there are free e-newsletters that you can be subscrib to for updates.

Christian Ministry Links

Christian lists a large number of links to Christian sites that offer biblical teachings and concepts. Many of these offer Christian books, images, and videos.

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Six Substantial Benefits to High School Home Schooling Your Children

Establishing a high school home schooling program for your children, may at first glance seem like a daunting task. Subjects like mathematics and science for high school students are more complicated.
However, high school home schooling does not necessitate that you teach these subjects. You don’t need to be a genius in math or possess a Ph.D. in science to implement a successful high school home schooling program for your children.

You can help your children acquire this knowledge by providing them supplementary activities, assignments and other teachers. All you will need as your children’s home schoolteacher are the following: will, dedication, commitment, and passion.

Here are six substantial benefits your children will reap from a high school home schooling program.

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Home Schooling Computer Program: a Popular Concept for Children

A home schooling computer program is becoming widely accepted, as it is becoming an alternative tool of learning for the home school student. From boring discussion sessions or paper and pencil exercises to interesting lessons that can be done with the help of computer, children find it a very interesting way to learn. More variety of computer programs help children remain engaged throughout the day without disturbing their parents.

Online home schools have come out with many interesting computer programs to keep the children engaged because they find different teaching methods quite interesting. This has opened up many choices for parents who have adopted the method of home school education for their children. A home schooling computer program offers a wide variety of choices, which includes different curriculum, websites, programs, lessons, assessments, and worksheets.

Many computer programs are available on the Internet. They offer a combination of a many of choices. The home schooling computer program supports the curriculum with interactive lessons, multimedia reinforcement activities, printable worksheets, learning games, and assessments with reports.

A home schooling computer program is available for every subject. There is software for teaching Math, reading, spelling, science, physics, etc. Software is available for teaching various foreign language courses. There is Spanish language software, German language software, and other languages as well.

How to Utilize the Home School Computer Programs?

Parents are advised to get familiar with a home schooling computer program before presenting it to their children. Learning through home schooling computer program can be used to make the children learn more. You can offer extra computer time as a reward when other tasks are completed. You can also set a timer for a few minutes at a time. This works out to be a fantastic method if you want to rotate to different stations or want to use the program for more than one child. It can also be used to break-up the schedule or act as a transition between lessons.

There many home schooling computer programs available to help children learn reading, math and a lot of other subjects. Some programs are costly, some are offered free and some are quite inexpensive. It depends on the financial condition of the parents as to what software they choose for their child. Remember that the Internet is a vast resource for these types of educational resources. All these types of software are available on the Internet. Private schools operating through the Internet also offer this software with their curriculum. They have to do that to make the learning process interesting to the students.

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Free Home Schooling Program Helps to Spread Education

A free home schooling program is a process where children are educated at home rather than going to public or private school, absolutely free of cost. Compulsory school attendance began in the 19th century when education was given within the family and community.

Let us see how free home schooling program has a financial impact on families. Parents have to sacrifice their employment to supervise their child’s education at home. They feel that the biggest advantage of it is that they can spend more time with their children at home. Parents on the other hand, can save money on account of school fees, school uniform, etc.

Home school programs can be expensive but you can also develop a free home schooling program. It will be expensive if you buy the full curriculum and attend costly programs. On the other hand it can be made free by using free resources. One can take advantage of free facilities such as public libraries, art galleries, parks and gardens and huge amount of resources available on the Internet.

How the Internet Has Helped to Make it Free

The Internet has really made free home schooling program accessible to the masses. Many such schools are offering free education to the children at home without any fees. These websites are collecting donations from the rich people to continue with their cause. They are offering free school at home, first class curriculum, personalized instructions, parent involvement and flexibility.

Some of these schools also offer personalized learning plans where a blueprint for a student’s lesson for the entire year is prepared. For the entire year, the learning coach and the teacher can adjust the blueprint by identifying areas where the student is deficient or lacks conception. They also step up instructions in the areas where the student has developed interest or is doing well.

Thus we can see that the concept of home schooling was already there in the past. But it was only the Internet that made free home schooling program popular with the masses. Many websites are offering home schooling programs free of cost.

How Does the Process Work?

First, the parent has to enroll his child in the free home schooling program website. Then he can have access to the members log in area. Gradually he will be given a teacher and a coach. He can also see the curriculum after getting registered. Some websites charge fees for the tuition, but there are many which offer free programs. A survey has also shown that students who have taken free home schooling program are doing fine in life, though a section of the school teacher’s union argue this point.

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Shifting into Home Schooling Driver’s Ed

As home schooling has grown, more people face the problems defined by special course work. The most obvious is home schooling driver’s ed. Many people don’t think about the impending situation until there is a teenager in the house looking longingly at the family ride. Here are some pointers for those seeking the open road.

Home Schooling Driver’s Ed Can Be Tricky

Driver’s education is an important part of a teenager’s education and life. Driving is one of the first independent acts of the young adult, and in many states, it can be delayed by years without an approved driver’s ed program. Even in states without this penalty, the insurance for teens can be prohibitive without the discounts that driver’s ed training earns.

The problem comes in finding a home schooling driver’s ed program. Much depends on the requirements of the state in which the family resides. Home schooling driver’s ed programs must meet the same requirements that certified programs adhere to. Without the financial backing the most schools can invest, this can be difficult. In the schools, whether part of the public school system, or private driving instructors, there is a lot more funding for the special equipment needed for instructors, such as books, or even modifications to the auto. Really specialist items like simulators can even be out of the reach of some schools for the home schooling driver’s ed environment, they are completely out of the question.

So just where is the parent and teen supposed to look within the home schooled environment? Much is determined again by geography, such as the requirements of the state, and available services. In many areas the public school system is opening up their programs to home schooling families. In other areas there are private instruction schools that can fill the gap. Yet for many this doesn’t qualify as home schooling driver’s ed since the independence of the home school environment is key. Going to the very systems that made the home schooling necessary can be difficult for many families that have made the home school choice. For these families, the only possible choice is in working within the guidelines of their state, and doing it themselves.

In the end, the factors that influence the decision to take on a home schooling driver’s ed program are the same as the ones that lead to the original home schooling choice, a combination of balancing the needs of their children against the price of private instruction.

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Home Schooling for Preschool

A child’s in their toddler years are their most important formative years regarding expansion of skills and knowledge. Children in this age group are learning to speak, to read, and other important concepts such as their ABC’s. For patient mothers, home schooling for preschool is an excellent way to educate their young one while spending quality time with them.

Home Schooling for Preschool: An Excellent Idea

Children who are preschool age tend to be homebodies, and certainly hate to be separated from their mothers for long periods of time. Home schooling for preschool is an efficient way to let a child have the security of both their home and their mother, while at the same time getting a head start on knowledge.

Children love playrooms – rooms that are spacious, and have lots of toys in them too! The key to home schooling for preschool is to have it be as mentally stimulating as possible. There are lots of educational toys available to those parents looking to do home schooling for preschool. Children are drawn to things with vibrant colors, as well as things that make noises. Thus parents can pick and choose what toys are the most efficient for their child’s learning capacity; is there child looking to name objects like shapes, or is the child ready to begin learning numbers and letters?

Home schooling for preschool should not be limited to indoors. When the weather is nice, a parent has the opportunity to take their child for a walk, teaching them the names of flowers or trees along the way. Parents can also use the outdoors as a way for children to express themselves through the art of finger painting, something that would be too messy for indoor spaces (at least, too messy without a lot of newspaper). Home schooling for preschool should thus encompass both indoor and outdoor elements in such a way that the child has a solid picture of their surroundings.

Home schooling for preschool allows a parent to evaluate their child’s learning capacity while at the same time getting to know their child better. Thus, when the time comes for the child to go off to kindergarten, the parent will know how the child learns, and can thus help with schoolwork. It is up to parents to give their children the best possible start in the learning process, because solid starts lead to solid achievements.

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Home Schooling – Getting Started

The concept of home schooling has been around for years. And yet it is only recently, since the 1960’s that it has caught on again in a big way. Many more parents are going in for home schooling for various reasons. It is not something to be taken very lightly and must be researched thoroughly before you can get started.

Things You Should Know Before You Start

Before you can start home schooling your child, you will need to do extensive research on the subject. It is legal throughout the country so you do not need to worry about that aspect. What you do need to know are the rules and guidelines of each state. You can get all your information from home schooling websites. If you want some personal information then you will need to search for home school groups in your area. It would probably satisfy you more to get first hand information from the people who have already started home schooling for their children.

Different Styles Of Home Schooling

Home schooling is a process of educating your child at home. There are several techniques known that you can use to do so. Sometimes a combination of these methods works best.

One style is the structured method where you maintain a daily schedule and timings for lessons, just like a public school. Another method is to follow the learning style of each individual child. All children are not the same so you can follow a flexible method where you go as per the child’s rate of learning.

There is an interest initiated style of teaching where you teach subjects according to the current affairs and activities happening around you. For instance, there may be a typhoon taking place somewhere in the world and you can use that as a basis of teaching about certain weather conditions. Or you may be planning a trip to the mountains and so you can teach the child about mountains. This way of home schooling may or may not be structured, depending on you.

One method of home schooling is an accommodating one. If your family or child has any special needs, this method works according to those needs. A very popular style is the community style. In the community method, you can enroll your child into a group where a few parents use home schooling to teach the neighborhood children. In this way, even if you do not personally teach your children, they still get home schooling from known people.

Once you get the basic information that you need, you can start with home schooling your child.

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Home Schooling in Pennsylvania

Before setting out to educate your kids through home schooling, the state law about the activity must be reviewed. has the complete terms of Pennsylvania’s state law on home schooling. Basic requisites of the law require that the home schooling teacher be the parent/guardian of the child/children and must be able to show proof of legal custody.

The guardian and all the adult inhabitants of the home must not have been convicted of a certain crimes within the past five years. Also, the parent/guardian must have a high school diploma (or equivalent qualification). If you fulfill these and other criteria for becoming entitled to educate your kid at home, you can begin your home schooling program.

Starting Home Schooling in Pennsylvania

In the beginning, you have to divide the daily work to be completed by the child into separate pages, or worksheets. Dividing the total number of pages by the total number of days for the lessons, you can get the per-day work quota for the pupil. Free worksheets available online will help you ease the pains of this process. Keeping a daily record of the student’s performance in different subjects is important for the final evaluation of the overall learning performance. Weekly and monthly records should also be kept. Always grade your student’s work.

Testing Your Kids

As part of the law defining home schooling in Pennsylvania, you need to test your home schooling students in grades three, five, and eight by any of the ten nationally normed standardized tests approved by The Pennsylvania Department of Education. The testing can be conducted at the local public school, or privately by an evaluator, psychologist, or tutoring program.

Making a Portfolio of Records and Materials

The state law regarding home schooling in Pennsylvania requires that you prepare a portfolio sampling the work of your student. It should contain a log, made contemporaneously with the instruction, which designates by title the reading materials used, samples of any writings, worksheets, workbooks or creative materials used or developed by the student and in grades three, five and eight results of nationally normed standardized achievement tests in reading/language arts and mathematics or the results of statewide tests administered in these grade levels.’ This does not require a large sized portfolio. A medium sized one will do, provided it carries samples of the relevant work, and is properly dated and graded.

Evaluation of Student’s Performance

According to the state law regarding home schooling in Pennsylvania, evaluation of an elementary level student’s portfolio should be done by a teacher or administrator who has at least two years of grading experience in any of the following subjects: English, arithmetic, science, geography, history of America and Pennsylvania, and civics. It is important to remember that state law for home schooling in Pennsylvania does not allow the student’s supervisor (or the supervisor’s spouse) to evaluate the portfolio. Check out the evaluator’s questionnaire at to see if you have a qualified evaluator.

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Important Information Regarding In Home Schooling

Parents have various reasons for choosing in home schooling over traditional schooling. Reasons can include social issues unique to their child, health reasons, or religious reasons. With more and more parents becoming dissatisfied with their local school systems, in home schooling is becoming increasingly popular.

In Home Schooling: What Parents Should Know

Some parents think that in home schooling is an easier alternative to traditional schooling. By controlling what their children learn, these parents feel that they have more than adequately prepared their children for college and real life. The most important thing that parents should know about in home schooling is that for in home schooling to truly work, the parents must be as disciplined as the children.

Whether they choose to look for a curriculum to be their guideline, or they construct their own, parents need to recognize in home schooling as the serious responsibility that it is. A parent needs to construct a weekly schedule that adheres to various areas of instruction. One cannot completely take a vacation from teaching their child if they find they have other things like jobs or appointments interfering with instruction time.

Some parents think that since they themselves went through school, they are more than prepared to teach their children. For those parents interested in the concept of in home schooling, this is not always a good assumption. Parents may find that while it was easy enough for them to learn, teaching is a skill. It can be difficult to teach a child concepts like science and math. In cases like these, it is best to defer to a professional who has had success in home schooling methods.

In home schooling also requires the appropriate atmosphere. A crowded kitchen in the middle of the day, with television sets on and various meals being prepared can end up being a nightmare of a learning setting. If one’s house does not include a room free of distractions (especially one that is free of toys), those parents who are determined to embark upon the path of in home schooling need to create a quiet area free of clutter. This promotes focus, and a focused child absorbs knowledge more efficiently and gets better grades.

If done correctly, in home schooling can be beneficial to families, bringing them together in the name of academia. If done incorrectly, in home schooling can seriously impair a child’s academic preparedness for higher institutions of learning like college. Parents must consider all the pros and cons, and proceed in a manner that does not benefit themselves the best, but rather their children, because there is nothing more important for a parent than educating their children properly.

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