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  • Dangerous Deceptions Infiltrating the Church

    The deception infiltrating the church was driven home for me recently after receiving an email from a visitor to the Jeremiah Project. He generally agreed with what he read there, but took issue with an article about one of the pseudo-Christian movements. He pointed out the movement was about holy living through the power of […]

  • Plandemic Movie

    It’s recommended you watch the following video before it’s completely scrubbed from the web. It has been a challenge to bring you this film as YouTube continues to remove it from their service for what they call “violating their terms of service” or a “copyright claim by third party.” About as fast as I find […]

  • Abortion will End… someday.

    Pro-Life supporters can be encouraged because they stand on the high moral ground. No abomination has withstood time. Eventually, all evil practices subside and the better part of humanity prevails. The vast majority of the American people know in their hearts that abortion is wrong and only need the right amount of motivation to admit […]

  • Advent Calendar Ideas

    Many families celebrate the anticipation of the holiday with an Advent Calendar during the weeks leading up to Christmas. There are many ways to make your own Advent Calendar and it is a fun family project designing and putting it together. Here are some simple calendar ideas to get your started. The word advent means […]

  • Ways and Advantages of Keeping Your Sanctification

    Are you sanctified by the Holy Spirit of the Lord God? What happens when people of the christian religion fail to utilize the available power or grace? As a Christian you ought not lack the power of Christ Lord to sanctify you. You need sanctification in everything you do. What you eat, touch and even […]

  • 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Prayer Life

    Prayer is a vital part of your walk as a believer in Jesus; I would like to give you a few fast ways to boost your prayer life. There are many stories in the bible about the power of prayer. There could have been times in your life when you knew someone was praying for […]

  • John Wesley — The Founder Of Methodism

    John Wesley was a minister within the Church of England during the Civil Conflict era. Along with his brother Charles and many others, he founded the Methodist church movement. Lots of his concepts were revolutionary for his time, and nonetheless stay controversial to this day. Like so many great leaders, his early life offers insight […]

  • Is the New World Order a Conspiracy Theory?

    While many people dismiss the New World Order as a conspiracy theory, it is neither a conspiracy nor a theory. It may be true there are many conspirators working within the New World Order, in it’s broader application, the New World Order is really more of an agenda by a group of international elites that […]

  • The Power of Love

    There is no doubt in my mind that the quality of love is the #1 quality that God would like to get worked into our souls and personalities. Even nonbelievers, atheists and agnostics can see the power of love and how it has the ability to change people and change lives when it is properly […]

  • Christian Art in Your Home

    Christian art is wonderful for inspiring us. Cathedrals and churches, paintings, music, performances, and sculpture have been created for centuries. Now, in our own time, photography, mixed media, and posters are widely available too. All these forms of Christian art have shaped our understanding of the great stories of the Bible. From the simple Christmas […]

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