The state of justice in America

Once we reject absolute law and adopt theories that regard human beings as simply manifestations of natural forces, it only requires a serious crisis for those ideas to bear their evil fruit. Death becomes the answer to our economic problems. We are being given philosophical justifications for the inflicting of death that treats such actions as enlightened and compassionate. The elderly will be called selfish if they insist on living, and it will be a humanitarian deed and moral duty to see that they do not continue to live and so deprive others of the quality of life to which they aspire.

America is losing its sense of justice. As God is removed from the courtrooms and from every area of public life, so goes the source of justice. On the one hand, politically correct rulings without any sort of legal precedent have been handed down by the nation’s high courts. On the other, anti-family and anti-religious bigotry are still on the rise and being upheld by courts at every level.

It’s not just the courts which are affected either. As God is removed from every aspect of public life, so the source of justice is also removed from our legislatures and enforcement agencies. As God is removed from our schools, children are no longer being taught the virtues of justice. While all this is happening, crime is raging in our streets.

It is apparent that we have lost our legal and moral moorings because we have lost contact with the very touchstone of law and order.