The Charismatic Movement Signs and Wonders

At the risk of painting the Charismatic Movement with too broad a brush, I believe the Charismatic Movement is at the forefront of a new basis of faith, with its emphasis on private revelations, prophecies, and visions.

I am not saying God does not demonstrate his power in this age or that the Holy Spirit does not work AT ALL in the church today. Nor am I saying that ALL revelations, prophecies, visions or speaking in tongues is of the devil. What I am saying is that some signs, miracles, healings, etc. are not of God and some speaking in tongues is not “necessarily” spirit led.

I am concerned that the Charismatic movement tends to foster a sort of “easy believism.” Some who are involved in the movement focus more on signs and wonders than they do on the Word of God. As a result, they are tossed to and fro by whatever popular doctrine is preached that week with no real foundation in the whole Word of God.