Leading a Bible Study

There are many things that people do to feel closer to family, friends, community, and God. Though most who want these feelings go to church each week, for some, that is not enough for them. When seeking such a connection with others through God, you may want to sign up for Bible study somewhere. You may meet new friends, and learn a lot you didn’t know about the Bible, and even those who are already in your life. Even better, this is something that you can do at home with your own family if you wish.

Some people are natural speakers, and they have no trouble interpreting what is in the Bible, and others need someone to guide them. If you think you have a knack for understanding what you are reading, and putting it into context with modern life, you may want to run your own Bible study. If you are planning to do this with just your family, that might be your role anyway. However, if you want to have a larger group within your community, you may want to decide if you can run the Bible study, or if you might know someone else who would be better for the position.

If you do choose to run any type of Bible study, don’t worry, you are not alone. You might even want to talk with your own clergyperson to see what they would recommend to get you started. Once you are moving along, you may have no trouble deciding where to go next. Even better, you can always take what you have studied in church that week, and then expand on that subject during your weekly Bible study sessions. There is only so much time in church each week, and that means something has been left out. This is the perfect time to get more information and do more talking.

You can also look online for resources to help you with your Bible study. Some resources are free for the taking, and some have a price tag. However, you probably will be happy no matter which way you go. You can usually get more direction when you take something for a fee, and that is simply because that information is usually more in-depth and useful. Either will work though, and that depends on you. You may even as your fellow students what they think, and you may find that everyone is willing to pitch in to get what you need for your Bible study.