Religious Cleansing

The Struggle for the Hearts of Minds of Mankind
The “world” is unrelenting in its hostility to Christians and determined to wipe out every divine principle for which Christianity stands.

We see “religious cleansing” occurring everywhere: Religious people, and Christians in particular, face open discrimination against their religious beliefs and expression in public schools. Children, teachers and parents are chastised for religious utterances despite the First Amendment’s guarantee of a citizen’s right to free speech and the right to freely exercise his or her religion. In addition, many government agencies today, including the courts, have not only undermined the family but have endorsed programs and policies antagonistic to the traditional family unit. It seeks to supplant creationism with evolution. It denies the sacredness of human life by abortion. It achieves the breakdown of the family unit by divorce for any reason. The purity of the marriage relationship is denied by pre-marital sex. Homosexuality and lesbianism are looked on as acceptable alternative lifestyles. God’s chain of command in the home and in the church is ridiculed by militant feminism. Church and state are so separated as to ban the mention of God and Christ from public life entirely. Obscenity, pornography, nakedness, filth, and violence are treated with amiable tolerance.

While our children are being taught to respect homosexuality as “simply being different,” and to never think of it as wrong or unnatural, they are also taught to despise anyone who disagrees. Those of us who refuse to embrace these perverted life-styles are labeled as homophobic, old-fashioned and intolerant bigots. “Hate crime” and “human rights” laws have nothing to do with hate and human rights; they have everything to do with how the partisans of putrid political agendas can use the force of the state to break people and institutions that get in their way.

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