John Wesley — The Founder Of Methodism

John Wesley was a minister within the Church of England during the Civil Conflict era. Along with his brother Charles and many others, he founded the Methodist church movement. Lots of his concepts were revolutionary for his time, and nonetheless stay controversial to this day. Like so many great leaders, his early life offers insight…… Continue reading John Wesley — The Founder Of Methodism

Leading a Bible Study

There are many things that people do to feel closer to family, friends, community, and God. Though most who want these feelings go to church each week, for some, that is not enough for them. When seeking such a connection with others through God, you may want to sign up for Bible study somewhere. You…… Continue reading Leading a Bible Study


Postmillennialism sees Christ coming to set up his kingdom after the millennium when man has adequately prepared the world through faithful preaching of the gospel message as the church is empowered by the Holy Spirit. The strongest postmillennial influence in America today comes from the Chalcedon Foundation, founded in 1965 by Rousas J. Rushdoony. Rushdoony…… Continue reading Postmillennialism